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Today is the first day of thirty days of a treadmill exercise program.  This evening I just did a little over thirty minutes and 1.56 miles.  I know it’s not much but each day I will try to increase both the time and the milage.  Two years ago I had gotten up to an hour and a half and up to a little over five miles before I got burnt out and quit.  Maybe I can work up to that again before the month is over with.

The above picture is of the chicken pot pie that I made yesterday. It went over very well and was loved by everyone that had some.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow of some of the mayhem that went on during the trick or treating.  It was crazy.

Other than doing the treadmill this evening I haven’t done much of anything but edit a few pictures and watch some football with my son before he had to leave for college. Tomorrow I continue with my hellish job at least for another 34 more months.  I can only hope and pray that it gets better.

“Life Goes On”