Thought for Today


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Cat’s do the strangest things sometimes.

Happy Holiday’s everyone!!  Or, as I like to say, Merry Christmas!!

The past few days have been pretty busy and according to my calendar, it’s only going to get worse.  When I worked, I always disliked the holidays because I never had enough time to do what I wanted to do. With my job being what it was, I always had to be there.  If there was a threat of snow, I had to make sure I brought clothes with me to stay however long I was needed.  I always felt that I couldn’t spend enough time with my family.  Now that I’m retired, it seems that it still holds true.  For now anyway.  Both my girls have come home for Christmas but one is leaving tomorrow to go to Texas with her boyfriend to spend some time with them over the holidays.  When she returns home she’ll spend a couple of days here then back off to college.

This year it’s going to be different for my wife’s side of the family.  She lost her mother a few months back and her good for nothing brother and his family are trying to steal the family’s inheritance.  We’ve had one court date but that got put on hold until further notice.  I never really liked that family anyway.

A quick note about my diet.  I’m back on it.  I’ve been on it for a couple of days now.  So far, so good.  If I can just get my wife on board.  I keep telling her not to fix me stuff that I can’t eat but she continues to do it.  She fixed french-fries tonight and I just left them there.  Of course, she got offended that I wouldn’t eat the food that she had prepared.  It’s a constant battle.

I went to Wal-Mart today and I saw what most everyone sees this time of the year.  A Salvation Army Bell Ringer.  This one was different. He played the trumpet and played Christmas music. What a wonderful experience.  He was drawing in the dough.  I could listen to him all day long.  I wished that all Bell Ringers had some sort of talent.  I’m sure their donations would double.


Do Over Again


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I was doing so well and then just like a car hitting a stone wall, it stopped.  It’s really laughable.  This has happened so many times in my life that it really didn’t come as a surprise.  I’m upset and then again I’m not because I knew this was going to happen.  In the past several months I have forked out about $100 on diet plans and a gym membership.  I was following both when I got sick and had to be put in the hospital.  Of course, when I got out I was so weak that I didn’t feel like doing anything, including eating right.  I saw myself sliding down but I just didn’t feel like doing anything about it.  I thought about Thanksgiving coming up and that didn’t help any with all that food around so I decided to wait until the first of December.  Starting on the first of the month always seems easier for me for some reason.  Well here it is the 3rd of December and I’m already sliding a bit. It’s been too cold to get out and do any walking or hiking.  I’ve got a membership at a local church gym but I have always had an excuse as to why not to go.  It’s will power, or should I say, the lack of it, is the main reason I’m not doing well.

Since I know what the problem is you would think I would know how to fix it.  Well, I don’t.  I eat the wrong things, I snack too much, I don’t exercise enough.  I come up with a plan to exercise and I always find an excuse why not to exercise.  I’m doomed.  I’m by myself during the day and I have no one to push me out of this recliner.  I have no one to hold me accountable but me and I’m not doing a very good job.  This cold weather is killing me because it’s too cold for me to get out and do any type of walking.  I don’t want to even get out to get to my truck to drive to the church where I’m sure the gym is heated.

I’ve lost 50 pounds before and I know I can do it again but I was working then.  I had to get up and get out of the house by a certain time.  I walked at least 15,000 steps a day then, now, I’m good to get around 4,000 steps.  I had my meals at the same time every day because everything was structured.  Now, not so much.  I have my wife get me up at 6:30 every morning so that I can take some of my daily meds.  I have to wait an hour before I can finish my meds and eat breakfast.  Then it’s a six-hour wait until lunch. I do this because of my cancer med can’t be taken within six hours of one of my morning meds.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Let’s hope I do better than the past two.

End of Week 2 Update.


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This has been a very busy week.  Last Thursday was the last day of a very busy month.  I will not schedule as much as I did last month.  I never thought November would ever get here.  If you saw my last blog, you read of my accident with the band trailer.  I never heard anything today so I guess everything went alright with the insurance company.

The above picture is of an iron pour.  Sparks in the Dark, as they called it.  About 100 boy and girl scouts paid $20 for a scratch block so that they could “scratch” in the mold design so that when they poured hot iron into the mold, they would receive their artwork in solid cast iron.  This was Saturday night, which was very cold to me.

I lost two pounds this past week.  I thought about joining a gym with a personal trainer, one that would tell me what I’m doing wrong and maybe would develop a plan for me to follow.  Then I got to thinking, why would I do that.  Why would I pay for something that I knew in a few weeks or even a month or so, I would change my mind and not go.  I would be just wasting my money.  There is a gym, however, that a church sponsors that I have already joined a couple of weeks ago.  It’s only $5 a month and there’s no contract.  You can go one time a week or five times a week and it’s still the same price.  There’s no physical trainer though.  They do have some cycles, treadmills, a weight room, and ellipticals.

It’s supposed to be pretty and warm the first part of this week.  I think I’ll go to this gym or go to the track and walk.  It’s going to start turning colder by the end of the week so if I’m going to enjoy the outdoors I’d better do it now.

What a Day!! :( Accidents Happen


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It’s going to quite around the house for the next few days because my wife is not speaking to me. She told me not to do something and I did it anyway.  I had an accident with the band trailer on my way to a football game tonight.  The route we took led us downtown Birmingham where they are currently working on the bridges that go through the center of town.  It’s 5 o’clock traffic, it’s bumper to bumper and along some narrow streets.  A lady and her brother were sitting at a traffic light in the left turn lane.  I’m next to her waiting to go straight.  The light changed, I move forward and I hear a long and loud horn blow.  The lady pulls up next to me and tells me that I hit her car.  Now, not only did not hear the crash, I didn’t see it either.  I was not about to stop in the middle of the street and call the police to come and do a police report. But there was nowhere to pull over either. I drove for several blocks trying to find a place and all the while the lady was beside me in the turn lane trying to get me to stop.  We finally stopped at a traffic light long enough for me to communicate to her that I was looking for a place to pull over.  I finally found a parking lot big enough for me to pull into so we could exchange insurance cards and get a police report.  Which we had to wait over forty-five minutes for the cop to show up.


The school has insurance on the trailer so therefore the school’s insurance will take care of the car that I hit.  I was told that it would not go on my insurance but my wife does not believe this.  And this is where the rub comes in.  When I first sat down with these people to volunteer to haul the trailer, I signed a document stating that very same thing.  Plus, if anything happens to the trailer or any of the contents I would not be held responsible. My wife did not want me to volunteer for this.  In fact, she doesn’t want me to do anything outside the home since I retired.  She always has some excuse for why I shouldn’t do it.  I get paid $100 each time I haul the trailer no matter how short a run or how far. So far I’ve raised $800 and that’s pretty easy money.


As you can see there wasn’t much damage to the car I hit but still, I hit a car.  My wife is worried that regardless of who pays for it, this will make our insurance costs go up.  I haven’t had an accident in over thirty years and I really doubt our insurance will go up but I can’t get that in my wife’s head.

Our team is in the playoffs and they won their game tonight.  Next week we travel again to another school but this time we don’t have to go through town to get there.  Originally, this was supposed to be my final night but because they’re in the playoff’s we have yet another game to go to.  This could be over an hour away so I’m not really looking forward to hauling the trailer that far. Is it a bad thing to hope they lose so next week would be their last?

The Crossroads


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Decisions, decisions.  This weather we are having doesn’t seem to know where to go.  This morning we woke to 70-degree weather, now as I’m writing this it’s close to 40 degrees and dropping.  It will be a miracle if I don’t end up sick or worse, in the hospital.

Although it rained all day, I got to spend some time with one of my daughters. The other daughter decided she wanted to go to Chicago with her boyfriend.  Their flight kept getting delayed because of the weather in Chicago.  I think their trip had a five-hour delay in getting started because of it.

I was able to take my other daughter out to lunch and we got to spend some good quality time with each other. Time flies.  She and her sister are seniors this year in college. It’s hard to believe.  It seems just like yesterday we were taking them down there. They have both grown up to be responsible adults.

Being that the weather was bad and my daughter was home, I didn’t go to the gym as planned.  My daughter will be here until Sunday and I have somewhere to be both Friday afternoon and Saturday so it may be Monday before I get to back to the gym.

I am sticking to my diet but my problem is that I still have a snacking issue.  Late at night, I get hungry and I head to the kitchen.  Now, instead of eating a bag of chips or ice cream, I’ll fix me some cheese slices with a little bit of mayo on them.  It’s not really filling but it satisfies my grazing needs. But, I feel guilty for doing it.  I shouldn’t eat that late at night.

The good thing about all this dieting is that my blood sugar has dropped somewhat. It’s still got a long way to go but at least it’s going down.


Over Zellous Hike


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I’m going to let the video speak for itself.  I will say this though, even though this was only a four-mile hike, the hills were tough for me.  I can go to the track and walk five miles and be sore a few days but walking in the woods with all these hills, that’s a little different.


Week Two My Weightloss Journey


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I gained a quarter of a pound during the week.  I fluctuated a pound or two throughout the week.  I have several issues that I’ve got to get settled.

1)  Scheduling.  I can’t seem to find a schedule that seems to work. I want to be able to work out the same time every day, eat more or less at the same time every day and do everything else that I have to do.  One thing that put a cramp in my schedule last week is that my truck stayed in the shop more than at home.  I did get a chance to walk to the shop a couple of times and I was able to get some steps in.  The shop is a little over a mile one way from my house.

2)  Willpower.  I love to eat sweets as does my wife.  There is always something in this house that calls my name late at night.  In fact, my wife made chocolate chip cookies last night.  I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have any. In fact, most are still there, in a container sealed with a plastic lid.  I’m trying my best not to go into the kitchen.  She is a fanatic when it comes to chocolate, especially when it comes to that special time of the month.  I can and have told her not to purchase the stuff but alas, it somehow appears out of nowhere.

3)  Energy.  I have plans on getting out and going to the track or to the church and using their exercise equipment but when it’s time to go I find myself feeling tired and not wanting to go. If I do go, it’s like I have to force myself to get up and go.  Once there I’m fine. I want to go above and beyond my current skillset and I end up hurting myself.  I’ll give you an example.  Last week I went to the track to walk about 45 minutes.  I ended walking close to two hours because I wanted to push myself further and further.  I hurt for several days after that.  I just need to learn to take it easy until my body is ready.

I can do this.  I have no doubt about it.  After all, I lost close to 50 pounds the last time I stayed on this diet.  And, if I recall, I had the same trouble getting started last time.  The trouble is staying on a diet and keeping this weight off.

I have a hike planned for tomorrow and the next three days it’s supposed to rain.  I’ll try and visit the church gym one of those three days that it’s supposed to be raining.

Good News/Bad News 10/21 Update


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Good news; I lost 7.5 pounds.  Bad news; It was more.  Yes, I had lost 11.2 pounds in one week and I know 1) It was mostly water weight and 2) It was not healthy for me to lose that much in one week.  I did well all week staying on a schedule but came the weekend. When I worked, it used to be right the opposite.  I did well on the weekends but terrible during the week.


I got involved with hauling the band trailer and at least twice I week I have to haul it to football games and competitions.  Friday night I forgot my prepared meal and I had to find something to eat.  Nothing but concession food.  So, I grabbed a hamburger and ate just the meat.  About an hour later my sugar dropped.  So, back to the concession stand again and this time I got, I’m afraid to say french fries.  That was the start of the decline.  Saturday was bad and we won’t discuss Sunday.  I tried but evidently not hard enough.  Anyway, here it is Monday and I’m back on the diet.

Seven pounds is nothing to scoff about.  Staying on a schedule is the key.  Knowing what and when I’m going to eat ahead of time helps me stay in control.  Anything that comes along that is not planned throws me off.  This past week has taught me a lesson.  I’ve got to be prepared for anything.  I can put low carb meal bars in my backpack when going on those band trips and I can store these Glucerna shakes in my cooler as well.

Dieting Comes With a Price


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After spending an hour and forty-five minutes on the track I completed just under five miles and over 10,000 steps.  I’m so sore right now I can’t move my legs.  When I worked I average about 15,000 steps a day.  Now I’m lucky to get just over 2,000.


My low carb diet plus exercise is working but you’ll have to wait until Monday to find out just how well it’s working.  My morning routine of scrambled eggs and sausage is about to get old but I’ve been doctoring them up with different spices to make them taste different.  If you’ve never tried “Slap Yo Mama” seasoning you need to try it.  It’s kind of spicy and the flavor stays with you for a while but I have to say that it makes a bowl of scrambled eggs quite palatable. I’ll try and post a picture tomorrow or the next day so you can see what it looks like.

The next few days will be busy and I doubt that I’ll reach any of my goals but that not saying that I won’t try.  I’ll get a few steps in while grocery shopping in the morning but I’ve got to go to a high school football game tomorrow evening.  Saturday afternoon I’ve got to pull a trailer for the high school band about two hours from my home so they can have their instruments for a band competition.  It will be about midnight on Saturday night when I get home.  Sunday might be a good day to get some steps in but we’ll see.