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My daughter woke up a little better than when she went to bed last night.  Wife told me she would call the doctor when they opened and get her an appointment when they opened.  I had their blessing to go on to the cookout without them.

The weather cooperated for the most part throughout the day.Although it did sprinkle at times it didn’t last long.  The park was to close all the roads inside the park at 9am and would not allow any vehicles to enter or exit the park unless it was an emergency.  Also at 9am was the start time for the Fairyland Festival for the younger kids.  Do driving through there either.  So I wanted to get there before they closed the roads and unload my truck and then move my truck to a designated parking area.

At about 11am we started cooking the chicken pot pie and two different types of apple cobbler.  One was my recipe and the other is a recipe that was found in one of my cookbooks.  Where we were located we were in direct view of everyone that came down our little road.  I can’t tell you how many times we were asked what’s for supper.  We was told that you could smell the aroma over into the next campground.

There were about fifteen people that I cooked for today.  One of my smaller groups. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and went back for seconds and even thirds.

By 2:30 there was an estimated 10,000 people enter the park to trick or treat.  I’ve never seen so many ghost and goblins in all my days.  I was really impressed with all the imagination on the outfits.  Although, I do have to question a couple of them on their legality.  Some of them showed way too much and left nothing for the imagination.

Around 6pm the rains came and was heavy and furious.  For the most part the rain stopped the trick or treating.  Once the rains settled in the festivities ended rather abruptly.

I did hear back from my wife about my daughters doctor’s visit.  There is a small chance the has Salmonella or other gastric issue.  We won’t know for another 48 hours.  Doctor’s told her to rest and not go anywhere this weekend.

The rain came in around 5pm or so and when it decided to rain, it poured.  I had not loaded anything in the truck and I along with all my cast iron got soaked doing so.  I guess I’ll be spending some time tomorrow making sure all my cast iron is dry before putting everything is.

All in all I had a wonderful day today.  Although my family was not able to join me I had fun cooking for the folks as well as watching all those ghosts and goblins.

“Life Goes On!”