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This year has been full of “New Beginnings” and not all of them have been all that good.  I refuse to concentrate on the negatives and I’m trying to focus on all of the positives.  Last year started off really bad and I was hoping that this year would be somewhat better.

My dieting hasn’t been very productive and I haven’t started exercising like I wanted and it’s already February.  It just seems like there is always something preventing me from getting on the trainer or the treadmill.  I’m always finding excuses and it’s always “I’ll do it tomorrow.  I’ve lost 40 lbs in about four months two years ago and I know I can do it again it’s just getting started that’s the trouble.

I’ve got my first photoshoot tomorrow afternoon so my plan is to get up early, get on that treadmill for at least thirty minutes then get my day started.  I need to set up a goal to reward myself for every so many pounds I lose.  It needs to be something that I really enjoy, not food, and that it will be worth losing the weight other than my health. Any suggestions?  I was thinking that every 20 pounds I would reward myself with something.

The above picture is of a couple that I shot for their engagement.  It’s been over a year since they’ve been married and now she is currently pregnant and not doing to good. She’s in her final trimester and the poor girl has been sick since she’s gotten pregnant. She’s a sweet young lady and I’m sure she’ll be a great mother.  After this one she’ll probably not get pregnant again. lol

It’s the weekend.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope you get to spend time with your loved ones.

“Life Goes On!!”