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Woke up at 3am to call my son to make sure he was awake.  He was not.  He had set his alarm to wake him at 3:15am so I woke him 15 minutes earlier than he had planned.  He assured me that he would get on up and get ready to meet the buses.  I received a text at 6am stating that he was on his way.

I never really got back to sleep before my alarm clock went off so I woke up feeling like crap.  I stayed pretty busy at work so that was good.  It didn’t give me time to sit and get sleepy, especially after lunch.  After work I rushed home, ate supper and jumped into the shower.  I had to help with the flag ceremony at our high school football game.  It was a nail biter.  The game nearly went into overtime but we pulled it out.

Tonight, my son is in Flower Mound Texas.  The band played an exhibition performance at Marcus High School for their during their half time show. I’m going to see if I can post the link to the show.  400 plus members on a football field is a lot of people.

My son is a second year senior and this will be his last year in the band.  He should graduate in December.  I am a very proud dad.