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My son, who is in the Million Dollar Band, leaves in the morning heading to Dallas Texas.  The buses load at 4 am in the morning. This is his fifth year playing for the University of Alabama and he’s used to getting up early to load the buses to head out on long trips but not this early.  He told me this morning that he will be getting up at 3am to get ready so he can get to the buses early.  He like to get there early to get a good seat on the bus.  Band members who are late pay hell and get reprimanded for not being on time.  I remember a couple of years ago a young lady overslept and by the time she got to where the busses were parked the bus had already left.  She and her roommate drove for nearly an hour to flag down the bus for her to load it.  The band director was not pleased and said “Never again will the busses stop for a student that is late.  He/she will simply not make the trip and receive not only a reprimand but will be forced to sit out the next performance.” So with that said, I will be doing my parental duty by setting my alarm clock for 3 am so that I can call my son so that I know he is up and getting ready so he won’t be late.  After all, he is one of the section leaders for his section and I would really hate for him to start the season showing a bad example to his section.  I just hope I can go back to sleep after I make the phone call.  He can sleep on the bus.  My boss would probably frown on me taking a nap while at work.

“Life Goes On!”