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My daughter is taking jazz lessons at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame located in the Carver Theater.  The Carver Theater has seen a lot of history along with the area in which the theater is located.  A lot of your jazz musicians has spent a lot of time playing here, including the legendary Duke Ellington. When you walk into this place you can just feel the history.  They do have a small museum located just inside the theater.

I must say my daughter is pretty good playing in the jazz band at her school.  Her problem is improvising.  Her band instructor asked her to audition for the jazz classes and she made the intermediate band.  They have the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced. The advanced class go places and perform.  She was asked if she would like to be in the advanced class but she turned it down due to all the traveling she’d have to do.  I am very proud of each of my kids because each of them are talented in their own way.

“Life Goes On!”