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Some may disagree with me but I think we have all chosen the path we travel.  At some point in out lives we made a decision that eventually made us into what we are today.  I made several “wrong turns” in my life that I now regret now that I have had a chance to look back.  Some of which I knew once I made the decision I would live to regret it and it would have dire consequences.

It’s how we handle these “wrong turns” in out lives that really matter.  Although I have not been diagnosed but I know I have bouts with depression and severe anxiety attacks.  I guess I should talk to my doctor about it but I really don’t need any more meds.  I try talking to my wife about some of the issues I’m having but she doesn’t understand.  She says she does but there’s really no way she could.

I know ignoring the problems isn’t healthy and I don’t really ignore them.  When ever things get tough at work I try to face the problems head on and deal with them but my question is, am I really handling the problem in the right way? Is there a different way I should be dealing with the problem.

Sorry for the rambling but it’s something that I had to get off my chest.