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Tornado Damage 2011 060_tonemapped

This picture is still hard to look at.  April 27th, 2011 an F-4 Tornado ripped through our little community.  We lost 12 people and over 600 homes that evening.  We were one of the lucky ones.  We had some tree damage and debris in our yard but nothing compared to what happened just down the road.

The young man in the picture was one of my scouts.  His dad is there with him trying to dig out his bedroom.  They found the water bed intact and still full of water while everything else was destroyed.  What your seeing in the picture was in fact two houses.  The storm picked up the neighbors house and flipped it on top of the other.

It’s a miracle more people were not killed in this storm.  One thing that I feel was a huge contributor is that the high school band and 86 of it’s members were on their way to Orlando for a band trip.  If those kids had been home I feel the fatality would have been much higher.