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With my camera!!.  Come spring time I’ll wish I had got her with something more lethal.  I love most animals and I love to take pictures of them.  What I’d love to shoot and I have never been invited is a deer.  Not with a gun mind you but with a camera.

I’m assuming this is mother Mocking Bird waiting on her mate to bring nesting material.  They have nested in this same tree for over five years now.  I keep calling her a she but in reality I’m not sure what sex this bird is.  Two summers ago I found  feathers of a Mocking bird on the ground next to the tree where they nest.  I figured that the mate would move on but to my amazement there were two nesting last year.

She kept moving around and I found it hard to get a decent shot of her due to the limbs in the tree.  I know my neighbors thought I was crazy but who cares.  I knew what I was doing.