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Well, today was almost a bust.  I did not get to ride my bicycle today which I am really upset about.  I have a 46 mile bike ride coming up in April and I have got to train for.  Today was a beautiful day with highs in the upper 60’s which was higher than forecasted.  The reason for the bust is that my wife had a doctor’s appointment and I had to stay at home near the phone waiting on the garage door repair man to come by and give us an estimate.  It was really late when he came by and only stayed a few minutes.  After he left I ran got my camera and my tripod and off I went.

As you can see by the photo I was able to capture some amazing shots of our cities court house.  I also got to spend some time at our cities park which is across the street from city hall. I had a time taking the pictures of city hall because every time I snapped the picture a car would drive by and ruin the exposure.  I didn’t stay long because the temps started to drop again and I didn’t bring my jacket.