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I gained a quarter of a pound during the week.  I fluctuated a pound or two throughout the week.  I have several issues that I’ve got to get settled.

1)  Scheduling.  I can’t seem to find a schedule that seems to work. I want to be able to work out the same time every day, eat more or less at the same time every day and do everything else that I have to do.  One thing that put a cramp in my schedule last week is that my truck stayed in the shop more than at home.  I did get a chance to walk to the shop a couple of times and I was able to get some steps in.  The shop is a little over a mile one way from my house.

2)  Willpower.  I love to eat sweets as does my wife.  There is always something in this house that calls my name late at night.  In fact, my wife made chocolate chip cookies last night.  I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have any. In fact, most are still there, in a container sealed with a plastic lid.  I’m trying my best not to go into the kitchen.  She is a fanatic when it comes to chocolate, especially when it comes to that special time of the month.  I can and have told her not to purchase the stuff but alas, it somehow appears out of nowhere.

3)  Energy.  I have plans on getting out and going to the track or to the church and using their exercise equipment but when it’s time to go I find myself feeling tired and not wanting to go. If I do go, it’s like I have to force myself to get up and go.  Once there I’m fine. I want to go above and beyond my current skillset and I end up hurting myself.  I’ll give you an example.  Last week I went to the track to walk about 45 minutes.  I ended walking close to two hours because I wanted to push myself further and further.  I hurt for several days after that.  I just need to learn to take it easy until my body is ready.

I can do this.  I have no doubt about it.  After all, I lost close to 50 pounds the last time I stayed on this diet.  And, if I recall, I had the same trouble getting started last time.  The trouble is staying on a diet and keeping this weight off.

I have a hike planned for tomorrow and the next three days it’s supposed to rain.  I’ll try and visit the church gym one of those three days that it’s supposed to be raining.