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Good news; I lost 7.5 pounds.  Bad news; It was more.  Yes, I had lost 11.2 pounds in one week and I know 1) It was mostly water weight and 2) It was not healthy for me to lose that much in one week.  I did well all week staying on a schedule but came the weekend. When I worked, it used to be right the opposite.  I did well on the weekends but terrible during the week.


I got involved with hauling the band trailer and at least twice I week I have to haul it to football games and competitions.  Friday night I forgot my prepared meal and I had to find something to eat.  Nothing but concession food.  So, I grabbed a hamburger and ate just the meat.  About an hour later my sugar dropped.  So, back to the concession stand again and this time I got, I’m afraid to say french fries.  That was the start of the decline.  Saturday was bad and we won’t discuss Sunday.  I tried but evidently not hard enough.  Anyway, here it is Monday and I’m back on the diet.

Seven pounds is nothing to scoff about.  Staying on a schedule is the key.  Knowing what and when I’m going to eat ahead of time helps me stay in control.  Anything that comes along that is not planned throws me off.  This past week has taught me a lesson.  I’ve got to be prepared for anything.  I can put low carb meal bars in my backpack when going on those band trips and I can store these Glucerna shakes in my cooler as well.