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Final day of my month long attempt to really hit it hard and see just how much weight I could lose in a month.  I did really well to begin with.  That’s the way it always goes isn’t it?  You do so well at the beginning but you falter and spiral downward uncontrollably.  November is really not a good month to try and diet, neither is December with all the holidays in the month.

I really just confirmed facts that I already knew. 1) I can not lose weight just by dieting alone.  2) I can not depend on the amount of walking I do at work (an average of 6 miles or more a day) to count as daily exercise. 3) If I stop exercising on a daily basis my weight will return, even when I stay on my diet.  There is something else that I’ve learned during this month.  I will not give up.  I have too much to live for right now and I have to get my weight down no matter what.

“Life Goes On!”