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This is day 14 of my month long weight loss/exercise program.  This is my sixth consecutive day on my treadmill. I’ve started walking on my treadmill on November 1st and I have missed two days due to my feet hurting.  As of this morning I’m ten ounces from my first mini goal.  I walk on my treadmill doing anywhere between 3.2 and 3.4 mph.  I do not run, never been able to run much.  I’ve got a brother and sister that runs all the time but I’ve never been able to get my breathing right.  I always end up on my knees looking for quarters as my high school coach used to say.

I use an app on my IPhone called Mynetdiary.  It helps me to log not only my food on a daily basis but my blood glucose levels too. When I’m losing weight I like to look at the charts to check on my progress, not so much when I’m not losing weight.  I also use an app called Mapmyride.  I use this app to keep track of my bike riding as well as my exercise.  It too has a chart as well as a calendar to keep your daily log.

I weigh in every morning just as I’m stepping in the shower.  This morning I weighed in at 285.8 and on March of this year I weighed in at 305.  Most of the weight lost has been since November 1st.  There hasn’t been any dietary supplements, no shakes or diet pills.  Just daily exercise and watching what I eat.  That’s it.  If tomorrow or even the next day when I reach my goal, my next goal will be 275 pounds.

I know most of the weight that I’ve lost thus far is probably water weight.  That’s the reason that it’s coming off so quickly.  It is for this reason I’ll give myself eight weeks to lose the next ten pounds.

“Life Goes On!”