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As I’m writing this there is a steady rain with a sound of thunder off in the distance.  I have always enjoyed the sound of rain especially when it’s hitting a tin roof.  I even enjoy an occasional thunderstorm when it’s not too strong.  I don’t care for the strong winds, lightning and the damage that is associated with sever storms.

Today was a continuation of yesterday.  I had already conceded the fact that no matter what happened today I would not let it bother me.  That lasted about an hour after I arrived.  Since I lost my temper yesterday most of my coworkers were keeping their distance and rightfully so.  My helper was afraid to work with me for fear of my biting his head off.  The truth of the matter is once I “explode”, I’m good.  I don’t let it eat at me like most people.  The explosion is simply a release of stress and frustration that’s been building up over the past few months.

I did not walk tonight.  The girls school has made the playoffs and tonight was the first round.  Because they won their game tonight they will go on to play in the second round. The rain started late in the fourth quarter and we all got soaked.  The team made it all the way to the final round last year and lost.  I’m not sure if they’ll go as far as that this  year but they’ll give it their best.