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Leaders Banquet

Leaders Banquet

Today started off better than yesterday as far as mood but as the day wore on the worse it got. Without boring everyone with the details; I work with a bunch of idiots.  About 2:30pm I had all I could take and I took the rest of the day off.

Tonight was our district’s leadership banquet.  I got home in time to make a Dutch Oven Cobbler.  Peach to be exact.  The leaders banquet is just a gathering once a year to recognize those leaders that have earned special awards throughout the year.  I’ve got several but I’ve been so busy lately that I failed to get mine in on time.  That’s fine with me because I’m not a leader that likes to be recognized, I’m a leader so that the boys can be recognized.

I did get some treadmill time in tonight after I got home from the banquet.  When I got done everyone had already gone to bed.  I took a shower and now I’m watching a little Perry Mason as I’m winding down before going to bed.

“Life Goes On!”