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It’s been a gloomy and wet day here in the deep south.  It’s been raining ever since yesterday afternoon.  We need the rain but I’m getting a little tired of getting wet every time I have to go outside.

This is the second day that I haven’t got any treadmill time in.  My feet have been hurting a lot.  I may have overdone it, I’m not sure.  My goal is to get on there sometime tomorrow.

I was able to go to an event up the street where the high school jazz band was performing.  Being that one of my daughters plays the saxophone in the jazz band I went and recorded it.  They played for over an hour and my daughter did very well on all her solo’s.  After which my wife and girls went shopping and I went home and took a much needed nap. The weather reports claim more rain is in store for tomorrow.

“Life Goes On!”