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It’s been a damp, rainy week here in the deep south.  Yesterday it rained most of the day and today it was cloudy most of the day but when I start to leave to go home the bottom falls out and rains until well after I got home.  So, no riding today.

Today marks the end of two days of no snacks.  Nothing sweet to eat.  For my meals I drink water with a no sugar added lemon-aid mix except for my dinner meal which is a diet Dr. Pepper.  I’ve dropped from at least six a day DDP hapit to one a day.  I think that’s pretty good.

My “snackage” had gotten really out of control.  I was eating all the time. Most of which was not healthy and of course it was showing up on the scales.  I am committed to lose 25 pounds by December 10th.  That’s when my son graduates college.  I’d love to lose more if I could.  As of today I’ve got 14 pounds to lose in four months.  If I can just stick to a steady exercise program and stick to a good eating habit I know I could lose these pounds and more by December.

“Life Goes On!”