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I had a meeting tonight that I really didn’t want to go to.  We had a confrontation a few months go between to ladies in our group.  It had gotten so bad that neither ladies wanted to attend the weekly meetings and was putting a damper on the rest of the group.  We had tried several times to get these two ladies together and try to sort things out but every time we set up a meeting something would happen and we would have to cancel the meeting.  What made it worse for me is that they wanted me to moderate this meeting.  I was to oversee the meeting and make sure no one got out of line and if they did to quickly step in and take control.  I’m a type of person that does not like confrontation.  I avoid confrontation when ever possible.

I only had to outbursts that I had to take control.  The meeting ended with everyone in agreement to work things out.  Whether or not this happens or not remains to be seen.  This meeting was a challenge for me and I’m glad we had a good outcome.

“Life Goes On!”