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Pleasant Grove City Hall  Pleasant Grove, Alabama

Last year about this time I received an email from my employer stating that there were going to be some changes in our retirement plan.  It’s never good when a large corporation starts messing with your retirement.  For all new employees, the company is going to stop offering the pension plan.  In turn they are going to increase the amount of money the company would match to their 401k plans.  Another change was to increase the age of post retirement insurance from 55 to 62.  Here is where this benefitted me.  If you had already turned 50 before January 2015, which I had, and if your years of service was at least 25 years, which I had, then you could be grandfathered in and still be able to retire at 55 with full insurance.  There is really no way I can afford to retire but with my health the way it is and the fact that the environment at work is not the best in the world I’ve decided to retire at 55 and find something else that I enjoy doing with less stress.

“Life Goes On!”