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Health Insurance can be a love/hate relationship.  I am fortunate to work for an insurance company and I get my insurance at a discounted rate but it’s still very expensive. I still have copays and I still have deductibles that I have to meet before the insurance will pick up.  I fill sorry for those that have to fork out thousands of dollars each year for insurance.

Today I had to go pick up my new CPAP machine.  When the lady called me to tell me that I now qualified for a new machine I asked her how much I owed.  She checked her computer and said that my deductible had not been met and that my payment would be around $500.00.  I don’t have $500.00 to spend right now and told her that.

I have CML, a rare form of Leukemia.  My medication is very expensive.  It averages out to be around $600.00/pill.  I take one pill a day and my prescription is for a thirty day supply.  My insurance out-of-pocket yearly deductible is $2500.00 and my prescription costs $18,000.00 a month.  That means that I would have to pay $2500.00 for the first month and the insurance company would pay the remainder.  But first, and the most important thing is that I would have to come up with $2500.00 before I could get my first prescription.  Pocket change, right?  Not for me.  Who has $2500 just laying around?  Again, not me.

A little known fact is that some drug companies want you to take their drug.  So much so that they are willing to pay you to take it.  I am very fortunate to be on such a drug.  Gleevec is the manufacture of the drug that I’m on and they offer a financial assistance program to those that can’t afford the ridiculous prices of the medications. I first read about this on their website once I found out that I would be taking the drug.  At first I thought that it was only for those that didn’t have insurance but thankfully I was wrong.  I called them up and they paid all but $100.00 of the $2500.00 of my out-of-pocket deductible.  Wonderful news!!  I pay the pharmacy $100.00 at the beginning of the year and Gleevec pays the rest and I don’t pay a dime the rest of the year for this drug. That’s not the only good news that came out of this.  Remember the CPAP?  It seems that my CPAP was covered under the same plan.  Being that my deductible was indeed met I walked out with a new CPAP and a new mask for $00.00.

“Life Goes On!”