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Loosing weight has always been a battle for me all my adult life.  I decided on the first of January that I would start trying to loose weight again.  I was doing good until I found out that I was going to have eye surgery.  To me there was no since trying to get myself in a habit of exercising if was going to have to stop for a couple of weeks after the surgery.  I know I’m just getting back in the same routine and looking for excuses not to exercise.

I go downstairs and I see that treadmill and I get this sickening feeling down in my gut.  I really hate that thing but all it’s doing is collecting dust.  I’ve lost a lot of weight on that treadmill but I just can’t get myself to get back on it.  I love being outdoors and being on my bicycle so much more.

I will have a three day weekend with no doctor’s restrictions and the temps are supposed to break the 60 degree mark.  Come Hell or high water I’m getting on my bicycle and getting some miles in.  I might even post a short video of my ride.

This photo was taken last night at the same place of Vulcan.  It’s the path you walk up to to see the city’s skyline.  Some day soon I’ll hopefully capture an image that I’m proud to share of our great city.