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I’m so ready for some warmer weather.  Today was another cold and miserable day.  Granted, I know some of you are dealing with much colder temperatures but it just seems like the cold will not go away.  We’re supposed to see some warmer temps this weekend and I’m so ready for it.  There were even reports of snow and ice just north of where I live.  It’s funny how we are so not prepared for any depth of snow here in Alabama.  They got a dusting of snow in Huntsville today and our satellite office there sent everyone home.  It’s funny I know but we are not prepared to deal with it.  All we have are sand trucks that put sand on the bridges to help with traction but the ice and snow is still there.  Some people here are so hard headed that they think they can drive in this mess that all the do is stall the traffic with their wrecked vehicles.  I just have to laugh at their stupidity.