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I had to take my daughters to a meeting tonight.  The meeting lasted three hours and there was no sense of me going home and then back out to pick them up.  I took this time go take a few pictures.  The main thing I wanted to take pictures of didn’t come out the way I wanted but this one turned out pretty decent.  I tried to tone down the top but then the rest of the picture looked under exposed.  Anyway, still playing with the new camera. Hopefully one of these days I’ll figure it out.

This is Vulcan, one of Birmingham’s icons.  The park around him has been newly renovated and it’s the first time I’ve been there in over twenty years.  In fact, none of my three kids has ever been there.  Looks like a field trip is in order.

Years ago, the light at the top of Vulcan’s extended hand would change color from green to red when ever a fatality would happen on the roadways.  It stayed red a lot in those days.

For those that are following, I got released from the doctor’s care today and I’m going back to work tomorrow.  I’m not really excited about it; I got kind of used to not going in and being Mr. Mom.