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Life has been busy and full of activities.  Work still sucks but I only have 3 yrs 11 months and 15 days left before I can retire at 55.  But who’s counting?

My health hasn’t changed much.  My eyesight has not improved much and I’m still taking ejections every month.  My CML is still not under control yet but I’m hopping that by my next doctor’s visit that will change.  When I was diagnosed my levels were at 138%.  At my last visit two months ago it had dropped to .73%.  0% is where it needs to be.  My next visit will be this Tuesday so I’m hopping for the best.

I turned 51 one month ago tomorrow.  For my birthday my son gave me two sets of tickets to a couple of Alabama games.  What is so special about this is that my son plays for the Million Dollar Band.  He is a senior this year and we have not been to a game with ticket prices being as high as they are we just couldn’t afford for the rest of the family to go.

My wife and one of my daughters went to a wedding while my parents, my other daughter and I went to the game.  Needless to say getting to our seats was an adventure within itself. Both my parents are in their early to mid 70’s.  The tickets we had were in the highest portion of the stadium that you could be.  I was really worried for my mom who has trouble walking long distances.  Once we finally made it to our seats we all had a great time watching the game as well as watching our son march on the field.  Couldn’t see him but I know he was down there somewhere.

As l’m going through the pictures of yesterday, I am reminded that life moves quickly.  It seems just like yesterday that my son and I was playing catch in our back yard.  Now I’m seeing him in full uniform marching in a college band.  Where does the time go.  I took a picture of my parents with my son and daughter.  As I’m sitting here in front of the computer editing the picture I realize that life does have a purpose.  My parents had a purpose raising me and now it’s my turn to raise my kids.  I think my parents did an outstanding job with me and I’m hopping I’m doing the same with my kids.  So far no arrest records have been made on either of my kids so apparently I’m doing a fair job.