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I’m on vacation at Santa Rosa Beach in Florida. There is a popular strip called 30-A where there is all kinds of shops and of course nice places to stay. One thing they have here is a nice bike path. The problem is that everyone likes to use this path to either ride their cruisers on, walk their dogs, or just take a leisurely stroll. There is no room for road bikes.

Yesterday I started riding the bike path as it was designed for and I was constantly having to go around slower traffic so I decided to ride the road. There is a lot of vehicle traffic on 30-A so I’m constantly worried that I’ll get hit by a passing car. I obey all traffic rules by stopping at stop signs and at all crosswalks for pedestrians. But for some reason these Floridians do not accept road bikers on their roads especially since there is a bike path nearby. I don’t mean to pick on Floridians, I run across frustrated drivers everywhere.

What do you think guys? Should a road bike continue to ride on the road when there is a bike path nearby or continue to ride on the road?