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When I first started cycling, I was using a bicycle that I had purchased from a fellow co-worker some twenty plus years ago.  That meant the bike I was riding a bike that was close to thirty years old.  I used that bike for nearly a year before purchasing my new Cannondale.  The old bike, a Trek, had what I call suicide shifters.  The shifters were on the down tube and you had to take one hand off the handlebar to shift gears.  Most of the time I had no issue with doing so but sometimes, with the bike being so old and poorly maintained, the shifters didn’t work well and I would lose concentration and off the bike I would go.  Luckily, the whole time I rode this bike I never had any broken bones, just minor road rash.




2013-06-15 08.53.36

My 35 yr old Trek after a minor incident.  I still have this bike.



My new 2013 Cannondale