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As much as I love cycling and the benefits that it has, you’ve got to consider some of the hazards that come with it.  Living in the suburbs, I have a limitless place to ride. But to get to it I have to travel on some busy roads.  While most vehicles obey the three-foot law, others do not.  And another thing, some do not take into consideration that while passing me they don’t think about the oncoming traffic.  I’ve seen several near misses.  One of these days I’ll get to witness a wreck.

Another hazard is dogs.  The one in this video is always there.  I’ve squirted water, yelled, kicked and nothing has stopped this dog from chasing me.  While this dog hasn’t tried to bite me others have.  The ankle biters are the worse. At least with the big dogs, they tend to stay on one side of you and bark.  The ankle biters are all over the road.  You never know where they’re going next. One of my wrecks was from dodging one of these ankle biters.

I’ve often thought about using mace to squirt on the dogs but after thinking about it I’ve decided that given the wind I don’t want this stuff coming back in my face. That would be bad. So, for now, I’ll stick with wasting my water by squirting the dogs.

In closing, let me say this.  The benefits of cycling will outway the bad.  Just keep a mindful eye on your surroundings if riding in the city.

Be careful out there