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I’ve spent a lot of time today on my computer, mainly deleting old files and moving some files around. Just trying to get more organized.  While doing so I found some GoPro videos of some bike rides that I’ve been on.  I decided I’d share one with you.  This video is of the Old Howard Bike Ride.  This ride is located in Perry County, Alabama.  The event benefits Sowing Seeds of Hope.  Here’s the link to the event


The video is less than 2 minutes of the first twelve minutes of the ride.  It is a century ride but I only rode 30 of those miles.  As you can see, it starts off pretty flat but it gets pretty steep toward the end.

If you’re ever in the area around the mid part of April and if you’re a cyclist, I would highly recommend this ride. It goes through three counties of the historic Black Belt.  In fact, one of the rest stops is at a historic Victorian home. Again, it’s a charity ride and it goes to a good cause.