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I believe Heraclitus that once said “The only thing that is constant is change.”  This is so true.  How we handle change is what’s important.  There are those that can’t deal with it and go into some sort of mental breakdown while others it’s like water off a duck’s back, or they hide it very well.  My wife is one that can either hide it very well or she has found a way to deal with it.  I guess I need to talk to her to find out how she does it. She does not, however, like the time change.  She fusses about it all the time.  Me, it doesn’t bother me one way or the other.  That’s what I call the little things.  Little things in my book doesn’t bother me so much.  It’s the big things that, if I sit alone in a room and have time to think about it, I worry about it.  So much so that it bothers me; I lose sleep over it, my attitude changes and my temper get’s shorter.

This year alone has been full of changes and misfortunes.  If I had to list them by importance I’d have to say having my girls moving off to college was one of the biggest changes in my life right now.  All the crap with my health is a close second.  But dealing with my girls gone is quite challenging for me to deal with. It’s what I’m used to I guess.  I’m used to seeing one of my girls sitting in the recliner when I get ready to leave for work in the mornings.  I’m used to the same daughter saying grace at meal times.  I’m used to the hug I’d receive right before I’d leave for work in the mornings and the smiles I receive when I got home.  Now, I see empty beds at bedtime, an empty chair at the dinner table and only a phone call late at night to tell me how their day went.  I guess you could say that it’s the beginning of the end of life as I know it.

Anyone with kids will tell me that I’m not alone.  This has been going on for hundred’s of years.  You’d think they would have come up with a cure for this by now.  I know it’s been going on for years but for me, it’s only been going on for five weeks, two days and thirteen hours. I really miss my girls.  I try not to dwell on the fact that they’re not here and that if  I need to talk to them all I got to do is send them a text and when they can they’ll call me back.  Another thing, they’re only an hour away from me.  It’s not like some kids and be hours by plane from their folks.  Oh gees, I’m glad that they’re close by.

I guess there’s one good thing about missing my girls is that while I’m missing them I’m not dwelling on the issues I’m having with my health. That alone will cause anyone to go into deep, dark depression.

I’ve starting trying to get out more and getting more active.  Yesterday I went on a small hike, about 200 yards or so.  I walked down to this creek that our boy scout troop helped clear a path to several years ago.  It’s being used and I even saw some fire rings being used. One thing that I saw that I didn’t like is the amount of trash left by the campers.  Why can’t people pick up their trash?  I can never understand that.  Oh well, thoughts for another story.