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It’s been a busy past few weeks here in the deep south. In fact, the whole month of May is going to be very busy.  My son graduated from the University of Alabama this past Friday evening, my twin daughters had their spring concert last week, and they had their awards program tonight to list a few.  I’ve got cataract surgery on Thursday, a bicycle ride that I’ll be working communication this Sunday and my daughters graduation in two weeks.  Not to mention a couple of other doctor appointments thrown in there for good measure.

I knew this month would be busy and I’m trying to build my vacation time up so I’ve been working a lot of overtime so as to not have to take personal time when taking time off.  It’s an okay plan but I’m not getting home until late and the girls have already gone to bed when I do get home.  I’ve got a week in June that I’ll be taking off to take the kids to Disney in Orlando Florida so I’ve got to have at least forty hours to be able to take off.  It will be close but I’ll make it.