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November 2015 I caught the flu and spent 5 days at home.  December 2015 had kidney stones in which I spent another week at home.  Last week of December, 1st week in January 2016 I spent 4 days in the hospital with some sort of chest infection in which I was off a total of 2 weeks off from work.  With all that time off from November 2015 to the first week in January I used all of my vacation time.  From January to now trying my best to build my time back up which meant for every hour I spent at the doctor’s office I had to spend an hour working overtime without pay to make up for the time lost. I have vacation planned for week after next and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to take off because someone came into work sick with the flu and I caught it.

I had finally built my time back up to 77 hours but I got sick with the flu and pneumonia and had to spend a week in the hospital and another week at home recuperating. This was very costly not only money wise but I missed some things that I’ll never get back.

While at the doctor’s office Monday a week ago, I passed out because my O2 levels were so low that  I had to be carted off to the hospital via ambulance.  That within itself is quite costly.  Two weeks of vacation time gone, my vacation to Disney is in jeopardy because I won’t have the time to take off and the most costly of all was the fact that I was not able to go to my daughter’s graduation from high school.

I have the most inconsiderate co workers that anyone can have.  They always come to work sick and in most cases, I end up catching whatever they have.  They don’t care either.  All they want to do is brag about how much time they’ve got accumulated.  This is twice in six months that I’ve used up all my vacation time being sick and I’m so mad right now that I could take these guys and beat their face in with my fist.

Thankfully my wife and kids have not gotten sick from me being sick.  While I was in the hospital they took all the necessary precautions by wearing a mask and disposable hospital gowns.  I’m better now but easily get out of breath when doing the least little thing.  I’m scheduled to go back to work on Monday.

Rant over.

The above picture was taken after the graduation was over by my son.  I think he’s got a hidden talent in photography.  He did an awesome job.