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I go through this every year.  It’s nearly Christmas and I’m just not in the mood for it.  It’s not that I’m depressed; it’s more of disappointment that I can’t afford to more for my kids.  The older they get the more expensive their needs or wants get and we can’t afford to get everything they ask for.

This year my wife and I discussed the fact that the girls will be going off to college next year so we’re going to make sure that we help them with things like laptops and other necessities for college.  With that said, that will be two of everything.  One of the things that we will be trying to get them within the next few months is a car.  This brings up another problem.  The girls haven’t decided on where they want to go to school.  Each one has stated that they want to go to separate schools and if they do go to different schools then we’re going to have a huge problem.  We can only afford one car.  I want the girls to make their own decision on where they want to go to school but in reality they will have to go to the same school or else one will be walking.

And of course I’m somewhat concerned about my CML levels going up the way they have.  I’ve been back to the oncologist and they’ve done more blood work to determine what the next step will be as far as the medications that I will be on, being that the ones that I’m on isn’t working anymore.  I’m hoping to hear back from him this week.

“Life Goes On!”