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Today has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions.  First thing, all day today I have thought that today was Thursday.  I even went to an oncologist appointment today that was scheduled for tomorrow.  I didn’t realize it until the receptionist told me that I was there a day early.  She contacted the doctor and he agreed that since I was already there he would see me.

For those that have kept up with my blog knows that I have a son at the University of Alabama.  He plays baritone in the Million Dollar Band.  About a year ago he told us that he would be graduating this December.  We’ve been planning for his graduation for months.  His aunt has mentioned that she wants to plan a party for his graduation and he kept saying that he wanted no part of it.  My wife and I had our suspicions but neither wanted to admit that maybe, just maybe he wasn’t going to graduate.  Two weeks ago he came home for the weekend and I had an opportunity to talk to him and I asked him if he had ordered his cap and gown yet and he told me that the fitting was being scheduled for the following week.  I’ve never heard of having to get fitted for a cap and gown before but I let it drop.

My son called the house last night and talked to his mother.  Something was said, I’m not sure what, but it raised the question again if he would be graduating.  So today my wife called the school and spoke with someone at the admin office.  Come to find out my son will not be graduating this December.  My wife then called my son and confronted him with this newfound information.  He was currently in class but did admit that he indeed would not graduate.  She then called me at work and enlightened me on this information.

We’ve given my son the freedom to make his own choices since he is an adult but he has chosen not to tell us what his grades are and how he’s doing in school.  All he tells us is that he’s passing. His second year in college he failed two classes and had to make them up the following semester.  I told him then that I didn’t want any more surprises. I thought we had an agreement.

After I got off from work I made a phone call to my son.  I put him on speakerphone so that my wife could hear his responses.  First of all, I wanted to make sure he understood that we were not mad that he wasn’t finishing school in December.  I made it a point to tell him that although I wasn’t mad at him I was, however, disappointed that 1) that he didn’t tell us when he found out that he wouldn’t be graduating and that he led us to believe that he still was going to be graduating and 2) that he felt like he couldn’t come to us to tell us that there was a problem.

He’s got three more classes to take and he said that he could get them in next semester.  He’s already talked to his adviser and has everything lined up.  The only thing he doesn’t have is the money for the extra semester.  I’m not sure how we’re going to swing it either but we will make the sacrifices to make it happen.  Before I hung up with him tonight, I made it a point to tell him that we love him and that we will do whatever necessary to make this happen.

I’m hoping that we did the right thing today by calling him and confronting him with this.  I’ve always felt that the purpose of being a parent is to have your kids outshine you in knowledge and experience and at this point my son has already done that with me.  Just by going to college he’s already out done me.

FYI, i got three miles in just under an hour tonight without any problems with the treadmill.

“Life Goes On!”