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I’m trying so hard to keep a positive attitude but it’s becoming very hard to do so.  We lost one of our guys today due to the management of our department and several more are talking about leaving. I’ve been with the company for nearly 30 years and I’ve never seen it this bad.  I asked on of the guys I work with what he thought we could do to boost the moral in our department.  The response he gave was to somehow obtain a new manager.  As much as I’d like to see that myself I don’t believe that’s going to happen anytime soon.  You see, the upper management likes my manager and believes he can do no wrong.  It doesn’t matter what our opinion is of him because ultimately it’s our fault that we have a problem with him.

My boss never gives one encouraging word.  You can bust your butt for hours and maybe days on end on a project and when you’re done it’s–“You missed a spot” not, Oh, you did a good job and I really appreciate what you’ve done but this is where you didn’t complete the job.  He always sees the negative and never sees the positive.  How can you work with someone like this?

I’ve stated before that I have less than 3 years left before I can retire from this job.  I’m having to bite my tongue on a daily basis not to say something that could get me fired.  I just hope for my families sake that I can hold out to either I can retire or the management sees that our management needs an overhaul.

“Life Goes On!”