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It will be a challenging day tomorrow because we’re losing one of our guys.  He’s been with the company for over twelve years and I not only count him as a co worker but also as a dear friend.  He’s had all he can take and he’s found him another job elsewhere.

A little over a year ago our department changed management and to be honest no one likes the new guy.  He’s too strict and so dominating.  He doesn’t believe in camaraderie and everything should be strictly business.  He’s too much of a company man.  I’ve been with this company for nearly thirty years and I’ve never been treated as bad as I have been treated during the last few months and it’s only getting worse.  I don’t blame my friend at all for leaving.  In fact, if I were in the same shoes I’d be right behind him.  However, I’ve only got 34 months before I can retire so I’m going to have to keep biting my tongue and live with it until either my boss gets the message, I get fired or I retire.

I wish you the best my friend.

“Life Goes On!”