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Cobblers on on!

Cobblers on on!

After a week that I’d rather not repeat, there’s no other way to get my mind off of things  than to spend a Saturday doing what I like doing.  It wasn’t too relaxing but at least it kept my mind occupied on other things other than work.

Our Boy Scout troop set up a tent at our first annual Founders Day Celebration.  I brought a couple of my Dutch Ovens and made a couple of cobblers and sold them with all the proceeds going back into the troop.  The day started around 5:45am and I think I finally got everything loaded around 5pm.  It made for an extremely long day but I got to see old friends and made several new ones.

We had to set up in a asphalt parking lot in which I had to stand for most of the day. Right now both my feet have swelled and they hurt so I’ve got them propped up.  Even with the pain that I have in my feet and legs I think today was well worth it.

“Life Goes On!”