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Five years ago we decided to purchase one these wooden storage buildings to store some of my camping equipment.  It has a loft on the front side as well as one on the back side to allow more storage space.  My wife and I signed a 60 month agreement and shortly thereafter the building was delivered and set in our back yard where we wanted it.  This past August we mailed in our last payment, or so we thought.

A message was left on our answering machine a couple of weeks ago stating that we were behind in payments and for us to contact them immediately or the building would be confiscated.  When my wife heard this she immediately called them up and they stated that we still owed 14 more payments.  My wife told the lady on the other end that we had sent in our last payment in August and we had emptied the coupon book. The lady on the other end said that she would contact her supervisor and she would call us back.

This past Friday someone called again but this time would not talk to my wife but would only talk to me.  When I got home and got the message they had already closed for the day.  Today I called and talked to them and again they told me that we were behind and still had 14 more payments to go.  Of course I had a few choice words to tell them and again I was told that a supervisor would call me.

Shortly after lunch my phone rang and it was them again.  They informed me that a mistake had been made in the accounting department and that my account was paid in full.  Wonderful news.  The supervisor informed me that my ownership papers would be mailed to me no later than eight weeks.  I called the house and left a message to my wife telling her the good news.  Or so I thought.  About an hour later a different person contacted me and after a short discussion I was informed that I still owed 14 more payments on the building.  You have got to be kidding me right?  Obviously they don’t communicate very well with other associates within their department.  After about an hour on the phone with this person she finally realized that the problem had already been resolved.  I couldn’t help but laugh once she finally realized.

“Life Goes On!”