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I had a doctors appointment today that supposed to have lasted only about two hours.  In fact, that’s what I told my boss.  When I got to the doctor’s office they decided to run more tests than originally planned.  I had to leave the doctor’s office and head to the hospital where I spent five hours waiting, taking more tests and waiting some more.  I really hate having to burn a day at the doctor’s office.

The above picture is part of a Sportsman Chicken Fryer.  The top, pictured here, is a griddle on one side and a grill on the inside.  I placed this piece in my electrolysis tank earlier this evening. I will leave it in the tank for a couple of days to remove all the rust.  Of course, as soon as I take it out I will have to begin the re seasoning process or else it will immediately start rusting again.  I’ll probably check on it Friday evening but I won’t have time to start the re seasoning process until either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

“Life Goes On!”