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A few years ago my son crossed over into Boy Scouts and one of the leaders was doing a sampling of some of his cooking.  He was cooking a peach cobbler out of one of his Dutch Ovens.  It reminded me of the days that I would visit my grandfather when he used to cook out of a Dutch Oven down on the river bank when we went fishing.  The night at the scout hut I had one of the best peach cobblers that I think I’ve ever had.  The cook did not want to share how his recipe which really drove me nuts. After that night I was determined to learn how to cook out of a Dutch oven.  At last count I have over 16 Dutch Ovens all of different shapes and sizes.  Not including all the cast iron skillets that I use to cook in.


When in scouts I tried to teach the boys the art of cooking in cast iron.  Cooking in a Dutch Oven is somewhat different than cooking on a stove and you really have to be careful when cleaning cast iron.  If you talk to ten people on how to clean your cast iron I’m sure you’ll at least get nine different ways to clean it.

I have my own little catering business where I cook a main dish and a desert all in cast iron.  While I’m cooking I have people come up to me and tell me that they’ve never seen anything cook out of a Dutch Oven.  They’ve only seen these ovens used as a flower pot.  I don’t mind the questions.  I enjoy spreading the art of cooking out of cast iron and hopefully keeping it alive.

I have many, many recipes of anything from rabbit stew to peach cobbler that I’d be happy to share.  Just give me a shout.

The above picture is of a blackberry cobbler.  It’s to die for and very simple to fix even in your conventional oven.

“Life Goes On”