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After all the yard work I did yesterday my back decided to go on strike today.  It’s been a rough morning.  I’ve made it to the recliner and have been able to do some computer stuff and while I was on FB I found where someone took a picture of my son directing the baritone section.  I was quite surprised.  This is his second senior year.  He should graduate in December of this year.

His life long dream has always been to go to Alabama and play in the Million Dollar Band.  The college is only about 45 minutes away from us but also one of the most expensive one around.  We had the Pact program but that only covered a little amount, the rest is with student loans.  The fact that he wanted to go and got accepted into the college and got accepted into the Million Dollar Band made it clear that this is where he should go.  I’m very proud of my son and all the accomplishments that he has made.  I think every parents dream is for his kids to do better than they did.  My son has surpassed this in many ways.