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I spent the afternoon at my oncologist today.  I never really like going there because it breaks my heart seeing all those people sitting on those recliners getting their chemo treatments.  Not knowing their situation I always fear the worse for them.  My blood work for the most part turned out ok.  However, they won’t get the results from the main test for at least a week or more.  The toughest part is the waiting.

Going to the eye doctor tomorrow to get a new prescription for new glasses.  Since my eye surgery my eyesight has diminished quite a bit so I’m actually looking forward to being able to see again.

I was not able to ride tonight due to a scout meeting I had to attend.  With tomorrow’s eye appointment I’m not sure if I’ll be able to ride or not.  Wednesday looks good but Thursday is out because of another meeting after work.  The weekend looks good but there is a waterfall I want to find and photograph so getting a ride in on Saturday may not happen.  We shall see.

“Life Goes On!”