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My GoPro was dead or else I would have a video of this huge dog coming out from nowhere and chase me up a hill today.  He came at me so fast that he couldn’t stop in time and hit his head on my back tire nearly knocking me off my bike.  I always look for this dog when I go down this road but today he had two friends about the same size as he is.  The one that hit me was taken back a few seconds giving his friends a chance to get at me.  Normally I don’t get too excited about the big dogs but today I was a bit concerned when I could see that for some reason they meant business and showed me their teeth.  As I reached the top of the hill two of the dogs lost interest but the one that got beaned still thought that he could get a piece of me and started nipping at my new shoes.  Of course by this time I’m standing up trying to pedal faster and get away from the situation.  As I make the top of the hill and start rounding the corner the dog finally gave up and went home.  The bad part of this was is that I have to go down this road twice on my route which means I had another round of this to look forward to when I come back toward home.  Thankfully, the second time around was noneventful.  The dogs stayed on their porch and didn’t give chase.

“Life Goes On!”