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Went to the eye doctor today to get a new prescription.  Of course they want to dilate your eyes.  Not only does everything become blurry, light hurts your eyes and makes it a challenge to drive home.

I’ve been having to see an opthamologist for some time now and I’m quite familiar with some of the tests that they perform.  I’ve had several procedures done including injections and Vitreous Humor Removal, a procedure to remove floaters from my left eye. I’ve had several tests run that I have no clue what it’s for nor what they’re looking for.  I just let them do it as long as the insurance pays for it.

Today’s visit was to get another prescription for new glasses.  Since the surgery in my left eye my vision has diminished greatly.  According to the doctor my vision has shifted from a positive 1 to a negative 1.  My right eye remains a positive 1.  It may be a challenge to have my glasses made.  We shall see.

“Life Goes On!”