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I had a very relaxing day here at the house today.  I got up and got the smoker ready and spent the majority of the day smoking a couple slabs of ribs.  All three of the kids were at work and the wife went on a shopping spree for the girls to purchase them back to school clothes.  In between the times I had to tend to the smoker I spent some time cleaning up some files on my laptop and removing unused programs to make room for more pictures.  I even got to watch some pre recorded Perry Mason shows to help pass the time.

Tomorrow will be spent much the same way except I have plans on doing some riding tomorrow being that I won’t have to be tending to a smoker.  The kids will be at work again and the wife will be doing some grocery shopping.  Nothing exciting but hopefully another relaxing day before the work week begins on Monday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

“Life Goes On!”