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I really loathe Mondays especially since I had a busy weekend.  I did some things that I really enjoyed doing such as the bike ride but not being able to spend any time with my kids because their at work, well I have a problem with that.  I guess I’ll have to get used to it since they are old enough to work.

I got my son moved from one apartment to another today.  He’s moved into a one bedroom studio. He has a separate bathroom, a separate kitchen but the rest is open.  It looks really weird to see this sort of set up but I guess once you think about it what more do you need?  It’s a short term lease so he’ll be out in December and back home with us until he actually finds a job and moves out.

I’ve look through over a thousand pictures people have posted and this is the only picture that I’ve seen with me in it.  I’m the one on the far left with the bright yellow shirt.  It looks like I’m about to turn the wrong way.  I promise you I didn’t because I got the t shirt to prove it.

“Life Goes On!”