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They picked the perfect name for this ride because it was truly a very hot day today.  The ride started at 7am sharp.  I arrived a little later than I had wanted too so I was toward the back of the pack when the ride started.  It didn’t take me long before I was riding with the lead riders.  Not for long though.  It was a fairly flat ride but my feet started giving me some problems because I don’t have the clets set up just right.  I will soon enough thogh.

All the ones that preregistered got a goody bag which included your bib ID plus all you see in this photo plus a tee shirt.  Not bad.

The ride started off pretty slow.  I guess 700 riders leaving out all at once can’t be too quick.  Once I made it toward the head of the pack I was able to reach speeds of around 19 and 20 mph.  It was constant peddling though.  No hills to go down only a few to go up toward the end of the ride.  The ride was rough as the roads are were in poor condition in places.  I ended up having a lose spoke just before the first rest stop.  I didn’t have my spoke wrench so I had to listen to it all the way back to the start/finish line.  I’ll fix that problem tomorrow after I get home from moving my son.

“Life Goes On”