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I feel very blessed to have finally it to this weekend.  I thought this day would not end.  I do not have to go back to work until Monday.  Tomorrow will be spent taking my wife out to lunch being that I had to work late on the day of our anniversary.  Afterwards I’m going to search for a smoker to smoke some ribs on Saturday.

I will not be seeing much of my twin daughters this weekend and that doesn’t set well with me. They both will be working.  They are only 17 and I really wished I could have talked them into not working their last summer before their senior year.  But, one daughter loves to shop and thinks she has got to go shopping EVERY WEEKEND and my wife simply complies to her wishes instead of arguing with her.  One thing that I don’t understand, and maybe it’s because I’m a male but why would you need to purchase a dress and wear it to one event and not be able to wear it to another event two weeks later.  My daughters excuse is because people may have already seen her in that other dress. Really?  So her closet if filled with dresses that she’s only wore once and more than likely will not wear again because someone else has already seen her in it.  The do shop well though.  She will find a dress that normally sells for $160 and find it on sale for $30 bucks.  Both my daughters are very smart shoppers and who ever marries them will be happy for that.

“Life Goes On!”