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Spent the day with my wife of 24 years today while on my day off from work.  I really needed this time alone with my wife.  We went out to lunch, just my wife and I.  My two daughters were at work and we left my son at home with his Netflix.  It’s the first time that my wife and I had a “date” in many years.  Everytime we go out on our anniversary we always end up taking the kids.  We always enjoy the company of our kids but there comes a time when you need alone time with just the wife.

We went to Olive Garden, my wife’s favorite restaurant.  After we ate we went to Lowes and I picked up a smoker so I can smoke some ribs tomorrow and then we went to the cycle shop and I picked up my new road shoes.

After arriving back at home, I put my smoker together, put the new cleats on my new road shoes and spent some quality time with the girls once they got home from work.  The girls showered, ate supper and went to bed.  Not too much quality time there but I’ll take what I can get these days.

As with the canoe’s pictured, life can get confusing sometimes and it may seem that it will take some time to get untangled.  My advice is to take your time, have fun, spend some time with your spouse and your kids.  To me that’s the most important part of life.